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We are able to provide a fully-mobile diagnostic service allowing us to perform a large number of medical and lameness investigations in the convenience of you own premises. It also has the advantage that very lame or sick horses can be assessed on-site, reducing the risk of additional stress or injury that may be caused by transportation.

This equipment provides us with high-quality images enabling us to decide on the best possible course of treatment for your horse:

Digital radiography

In the adult horse our digital X-ray unit allows us to assess the limbs, head, neck and spinous processes.
In foals we are also able to image the chest and abdomen.


Ultrasound examinations are an integral part of reproductive medicine (to monitor reproductive cycles, pregnancy detection, twinning, foetal sex-determination and assessment of foetal and placental health).

Ultrasonography is also used in a large number of orthopaedic investigations for assessing tendons, ligaments, muscles, joints and some fractures. It is also useful in a number of medical conditions, such as colic, in both the adult horse and in foals.


This is used to assess a wide range of conditions including upper respiratory tract problems (nose, throat, guttural pouches) and reproductive problems (video hysteroscopy to image the lining of the uterus). It also enables us to collect biopsies from specific areas of interest.

Where gastroscopy is indicated we refer cases to Tim Brazil who will travel to your horse to perform the procedure. This reduces the level of stress to horses already suspected of suffering from a stress-related condition.