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Leisure horses

We provide an individual, lifetime of veterinary care for your leisure horses and ponies. We offer advice on preventative medicine and general management to help maintain your horse in the best possible health as well as vaccinations and pre-purchase examinations.

Competition horses

We aim to tailor our advice to suit the individual needs of you and your horse; offering advice on current regulations of the various governing bodies that may affect your horse’s eligibility to compete including changes to vaccination protocols, prohibited substances and drug withdrawal times.

When problems arise our aim is for a prompt, accurate and cost-effective identification of the cause to enable us to advise on treatment and, most important, prognosis for return to competition. We provide a realistic assessment of the level of work your horse is likely to be able to return to and how this may be affected by each form of treatment.


We provide a practical, cost-effective service for flat and National Hunt (NH) horses (including point-to-pointers) both in and out of training. Jennifer has a particular interest in racehorses having owned, trained and raced point-to-pointers for a number of years.

We offer advice on current BHA rules and regulations, including withdrawal times.

We are aware of the importance to both owners and trainers of days lost to illness and injury. We aim to arrive at a prompt and accurate diagnosis. Treatment options will be discussed with a prognosis and time-scale for the horse’s to return to racing given.

On-site treatments include:

  • Joint medication
  • Intra-lesional tendon injection
  • Sacroiliac medication

For horses out of training we liaise with your trainer and their own vet when appropriate. We will happily send a veterinary report with your horse on return to training detailing our findings and treatment.

We have had particular success in helping both flat and NH horses with orthopaedic problems during brief periods out of training - a large number of these have won on their first or second starts back.