It's Luna here

Morning humans,

It’s Luna here, Nog’s partner in crime. I have some breaking news… I’ve just been spayed! I know what you’re thinking, what a terrible shame not to have Luna pups but who wants all that drama these days? My human says I’m enough to handle, let alone 10 of me!

I had a keyhole spay which is done through two tiny incisions rather than opening me up properly (phew! – that sounds nasty and this way I am back wearing my “dog-kini”  in no time). Honestly, this keyhole business is so much better than normal spays…. less traumatic and painful than traditional spays with fewer complications. Apparently, vet Anna could see all of my abdominal organs on a big screen (so cool)! Recovery time for me was certainly minimal, I felt great the next day and was back playing with my favourite pals in no time.

Anyway, I’d better go, Barli and Welly want to play -Up and at ‘em ! If you want to get booked in for keyhole surgery or have any questions, then get your human to book an appointment with one of the vets or nurses and they can give them more information.

Chow for now,