Getting Ticked Off

Long walks in the country-side can mean you end up bringing more friends home than just your dog. Ticks tend to latch onto dogs and cats, commonly around the face, neck and ears. Helen Wigley RVN of The Vet Centre, Maids Moreton says “if the ticks are removed incorrectly it can lead to minor skin infections that have to be treated. There are also more serious diseases that they can catch such as Lymes disease. That’s why it is best to use effective preventative treatment. It’s also worth knowing that pets travelling to the continent may be exposed to various tick-borne diseases that we don’t have in this country”. Fleas are also still around in the autumn and if they get inside are quite happy to enjoy a bit of central heating- again best to get them before they set up house and home!

We are currently assisting a research project looking into which species of fleas are present in the U.K. and their distribution. If you find fleas on your dog or cat we will remove it for free and send it away to be analysed.

If you’re planning beach trips and outdoor activities with your dogs this summer, make sure to protect them from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Just like humans, canines are susceptible to painful burns and potential skin cancer. Keep your dog safe with these tips.

As well as sunburn, hot roads and paths are also something important to consider during summer as paws can get burnt. If it’s too hot for your own feet then it’s too hot for your dog. Avoid going for walks during the middle of hot days and make sure to test the temperature of the paths you are walking on. Take precautions to walk in the shade or carry your dog if you need to cross hot paths and roads.