August 2016 – Summer, Open Days and my new Nog Wash

Hello Chums,

I realise it has been a while since I have put paw to paper so I’ve torn myself away from sipping my pina colada in the sun to write this blog- so I apologise if the odd spelling mishtake shlips in. Of course I really should be setting a better example; I find it a bit embarrassing having to bend the truth about my weekly unit consumption at my yearly check-ups! Also spending too much time in the sun can actually end up being quite a serious problem. Luckily we haven’t seen any heat stroke cases this year, mainly because the weather has been so terrible! Things are starting to heat up though so I always advise taking a more continental approach to life with a nice long siesta during the day and a charge around (hopefully without bulls) in the evening. Do not let your humans leave you in the car- it can take as little as 10 minutes for a car to get dangerously hot when you’re panting in it.

I had a bit of a social gathering the other day at my new Cherry Lane branch surgery. It was lovely to see so many old and new friends. My human, Paddy, was getting very excited about showing people how the laparoscopic kit works, some of the humans seemed interested at looking at where the operations are done. There were some friends from the Cats Protection League and Medical Detection Dogs, who had brought information about their great charities too. They had also devised a strange game which involved trying to guess how many spots were on my friend Spotty, who is a Dalmatian- I think my and humans’ views of what is considered fun will never completely overlap!  We all had such a great day that I’m thinking of having another gathering in Autumn at the Maids Moreton surgery- watch this space.

I had the plumber in the other day, before you say it, no there is no problems with my water works. I decided I needed a new bathroom, so have had a DIY Dog Wash installed at Cherry Lane. Essentially you get a token that your human puts in the machine and then they can bath you- I always ask for a little massage at the same time. There are various shampoos you can use and I have to say I felt really refreshed afterwards! The only drawback is Paddy thinks he’s a hair dresser and always insists on asking if I’m going somewhere nice for my holidays! On that note I always remind my friends if they are going on holiday to somewhere that has lots of ticks, like the Lake district, Cornwall or the South of France do get your human to give you something to prevent them biting. All of my staff seem to know what’s best to use so ask one of them.

Must go as my G and T is calling me.

All the best from me and my staff- enjoy the summer!


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