Author: The Vet Centre

It’s Luna here

Morning humans,

It’s Luna here, Nog’s partner in crime. I have some breaking news… I’ve just been spayed! I know what you’re thinking, what a terrible shame not to have Luna pups but who wants all that drama these days? My human says I’m enough to handle, let alone 10 of me!

I had a keyhole spay which is done through two tiny incisions rather than opening me up properly (phew! – that sounds nasty and this way I am back wearing my “dog-kini”  in no time). Honestly, this keyhole business is so much better than normal spays…. less traumatic and painful than traditional spays with fewer complications. Apparently, vet Anna could see all of my abdominal organs on a big screen (so cool)! Recovery time for me was certainly minimal, I felt great the next day and was back playing with my favourite pals in no time.

Anyway, I’d better go, Barli and Welly want to play -Up and at ‘em ! If you want to get booked in for keyhole surgery or have any questions, then get your human to book an appointment with one of the vets or nurses and they can give them more information.

Chow for now,


Getting ticked off

Long walks in the country side can mean you end up bringing more friends home than just your dog. Ticks tend to latch onto dogs and cats, commonly around the face, neck and ears. Helen Wigley  RVN of The Vet Centre, Maids Moreton says “if the ticks are removed incorrectly it can lead to minor skin infections that have to be treated. There are also more serious diseases that they can catch such as Lymes disease. That’s why it is best to use effective preventative treatment. It’s also worth knowing that pets travelling to the continent may be exposed to various tick-borne diseases that we don’t have in this country”. Fleas are also still around in the autumn and if they get inside are quite happy to enjoy a bit of central heating- again best to get them before they set up house and home!

We are currently assisting a research project looking into which species of fleas are present in the U.K.  and their distribution. If you find fleas on your dog or cat we will remove it for free and send it away to be analysed.

If you’re planning beach trips and outdoor activities with your dogs this summer, make sure to protect them from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Just like humans, canines are susceptible to painful burns and potential skin cancer. Keep your dog safe with these tips.

As well as sunburn, hot roads and paths are also something important to consider during summer as paws can get burnt. If it’s too hot for your own feet then it’s too hot for your dog. Avoid going for walks during the middle of hot days and make sure to test the temperature of the paths you are walking on. Take precautions to walk in the shade or carry your dog if you need to cross hot paths and roads.

March 2018 – Nog’s Pearly Whites

Happy Easter chums!

I hope you all survived the Lenten Blues, the Beast from the East and the Pest from the West (I personally found that asking my human to cook me sausages helped!) Anyway, what better pick me up than a full set of healthy gnashers for your animal friend?

I’m happy to announce that my clever vet pals are advancing the way we undergo dental surgeries and it all starts now!

Whenever your furry pal comes in to see us, we’ll be having a quick check of their teeth. They’ll be scored from 1-5 and for anyone graded 3 or above (significant tartar build up and gum disease), it will be recommended that your pet has a dental ATP: assessment, treatment and plan.

The dental ATP will involve:

  • general anaesthetic
  • fluid therapy during the surgery
  • full set of dental X-rays
  • full scale and polish
  • 30mins essential dental surgery

My creative vet team will produce a handy post-op sheet with before and after photos, information about what has been seen, done and any treatments that will be necessary in the future. If further treatment is needed then your furry pal can get booked in at a later date for another planned procedure. If not, hurrah… our job is done!

We’ve found that two shorter anaesthetics are safer for your animal friends than a longer more painful one. Recovery times will be kept to a minimum and everyone’s happy!

P.S. Feel free to book a free dental health check with a vet or nurse any time. I’m always happy to see new faces (even if they might have smelly breath…)