December-2015 Merry Christmas from Nog

Hi Chums, 

Beatle and I were out for a nice walk with our human, Paddy, chatting about the usual; sniffs we’d encountered; chasing a fat squirrel up a tree that literally just vanish (I honestly have no idea where it went) and some of the nice dogs that had come to visit our practice the week before. Beatle was telling me about Bob, a very friendly boxer, who had got a bit over excited about the festive season and had not only knocked the Christmas tree over but also eaten all the chocolate treats off it and then had a go at the Christmas pudding! I put my paw to my head and sighed- no matter how many times I tell the dogs coming in here there is always one that just can’t stop his stomach ruling his head! Anyway, I’ve put together a table of all the common Christmas things not worth licking or chewing. I had a little help from one of the vets as I still find it a bit difficult formatting tables with my paws- they need a dog specific keyboard if you ask me!

Christmas Hazards


Very poisonous to dogs and cats

Lillies, Poinsettias, Holly and Mistletoe berries

All poisonous to cats


Tastes sweet so liked by cats and dogs. Causes kidney failure


Poisonous – especially dark chocolate

String/ thread/ stockings

Very common causes of gut obstruction

Raisins/ grapes/ sultanas

Poisonous to dogs

Chewing gum/ peanut butter and artificial sweeteners

Can contain xylitol which can dangerously lower blood sugar potentially causing fitting and other problems

Fat balls put out for birds

Causes gut upsets

Slug pellets and rat bait

Can cause fitting and internal bleeding respectively

Onions raw or cooked

Causes anaemia


Some nicotine replacements contain xylitol


Please please ask your humans to keep these things out of reach- especially if you’re a Labrador as I know you guys find it hard to not eat everything.

Now a spaniel told me this great joke the other day- A Scotty, a English Bulldog, a Welsh Corgi and an Irish setter all walk into a bar….no no no must stick to the script (I’ll tell you that one another day)

My owner wanted me to let you know there is some big news for the Vet Centre. Our Old Stratford branch is moving a stone’s throw up the road to the Cherry Lane Garden Centre. The walls are being put up as we speak and it will be a purpose built veterinary clinic. There will be ample parking spaces and we hope to open in February. I am obviously involved in supervision of dog and cat friendly facilities and will keep you updated with the progress.

My final duty is to let you know our opening times over Christmas- for some reason these humans seem to like to take a few days off. As far as I can tell they just spend it eating and drinking too much, wobbling about and then falling asleep on my sofa in the middle of the afternoon. I’m not even going to try to understand them!

Here are the opening times:

24th December

9-11am and 3-4pm (Maids Moreton)

27th December

Emergencies only

30th December

Normal Surgeries

2nd January

9-11:30am (Maids Moreton)

Christmas Day

Emergencies only

28th December

Emergencies only

31st December

9-11am and 3-4pm (Maids Moreton)

3rd January

Emergencies only

26th December

9-11:30 am (Maids Moreton)

29th December

Normal surgeries

New Year’s Day

Emergencies only

4th January

Normal Surgeries


Have a great Christmas and a Happy New year from me and everyone at the Vet Centre!