Department: Vet Surgeons

Paddy Marshall


Small Animal and Equine

Paddy qualified from Cambridge in 1982 and moved to the area in 1985 after three years spent working as a vet in the King’s Troop. He runs The Vet Centre Ltd and has a particular interest in small animal surgery and equine work. His outside interests include singing, acting and playing the saxophone as well as being a director of Opera della Luna, a professional touring opera company.

Peter Mackenzie


Small Animal

Peter qualified from Edinburgh in 1974. He spent his first years in mixed practice before setting up on his own in North East Scotland. He later sold the practice and then went on to be Senior Vet at the PDSA, before leaving to join The Vet Centre Ltd. His interests are painting, skiing, fishing and playing the pipes.



Anna James


Small Animal

Anna qualified from Liverpool in 2015 having previously done a Biomedical Science degree at Kings College London. She enjoys the wide variety of work involved in small animal practice. Her interests are riding, cycling, skiing and her dog Wellington.


Joanne Lewis

Joanne originates from the Caribean island of Barbados.  She qualified from the university of the West Indies in 2014 and has since been in small animal practice.  She is a strong advocate for rescuing and fostering.  Her interests include hourses, surfing and volunteering for working animals.

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