Dogs/Cats/Small Pets

We understand that having an ill or injured animal is of great concern and have appointments available throughout the day to enable you to receive prompt care for your pet. We aim to provide continuity of care with the veterinary surgeon or nurse of your choice, please inform the receptionist of your preferences when booking an appointment.

The main surgery at Maids Moreton is equipped with full facilities for routine cases, major surgery and hospitalisation. We have a range of diagnostic, laboratory and surgical equipment as well as in-patient facilities, which enable us to investigate and treat ailments fully with referral to specialists when appropriate.
It is equipped for consultations and routine day-case operations (neutering, spaying, dental treatment, minor surgery). It is also the site for our grooming service.

Correct advice - effective treatments

As well as caring for your pets when they are ill or injured we help you keep your pets healthy and maintain their quality of life. We give the correct advice and supply the most effective treatments to prevent problems now and in the future.

Laparoscopic spays

We are now offering Laparoscopic spays (Keyhole surgery) for bitch spays which reduces risk and improves recovery time. If you are thinking of having your bitch spayed please discuss the benefits of keyhole surgery with Paddy, Peter, Kate or Anna. They will be happy to advise if it is suitable for your dog. For further information please have a look at our information leaflet.

Effective parasitic control – the correct use of products that work

The most effective treatments for fleas and worms can only be prescribed by your vet. We have a full range of flea and worm products suitable for the lifestyle of your cats and dogs and can give you the correct advice on how to use them. We can also send you a reminder to let you know when the next treatment is due.

Lungworm is increasingly a problem for dogs and is not necessarily treated by all products. Please discuss the correct parasitic control products with one of our vets when your pet comes in for its annual health check and vaccination so that we can prescribe the most effective treatments for your pet’s lifestyle.

Please phone the surgery for advice. It may be necessary for a vet to see your pet if you have not visited the surgery recently to ensure that you receive the best advice.

Nurse clinics

All of our nurses are fully qualified Veterinary Nurses registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. They are also trained Pet Health Counsellors able to give advice on all aspects of healthcare including feeding, weight management, training, dental care and flea/worm control. They look after your animals when they are admitted to the surgery.