We offer a full range of diagnostic facilities to ensure we have accurate assessments of our furry clients.

Inpatient facilities

We have separate wards for canine and feline patients to minimise stress whilst your pet is hospitalised with us. An inpatient camera allows us to monitor your pet on the occasions when a member of staff is not present.


We now have state of the art equipment enabling us to perform keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery on your pet. Most of our bitch spays are now carried out in this way (at an additional cost) leading to less post-operative complications and quicker recovery. It can be used for numerous other procedures including taking biopsies from the abdomen, bladder surgery and removal of retained testicles. Please ask one of our vets if you would like more information.


In addition to facilities for routine surgery we have specialised equipment for orthopaedic procedures such as fracture repairs and cruciate surgery. We also perform most soft tissue procedures in house. Please speak with one of our experienced surgeons if you have any further queries.