February 2014- teeth and technology


Hello chums. How are you getting on with your weight loss and fitness campaign? My human Paddy the vet has a new exercise regime which means Beetle and I have to take him for a walk every morning now, and we love it! If any of you want any help with achieving your healthy weight remember our  Nurse Nicky would love to see you at her weight club. Just ask your humans to phone the surgery and make an appointment to see her.

Now I have some exciting new things to tell you about. Humans have been able to have something called laparoscopy,  that’s keyhole surgery to you and me, for quite a long time now, it means that when you have an operation only small cuts need to be made, and a tiny camera is put inside you so the vet can see all of your insides whilst they are doing whatever they need to do to make you better.

The vets at The Vet Centre are offering laparoscopic bitch spays so if you know of any lady dogs who are going to be spayed get their owners to talk to the vets here and they can discuss the benefits of this new technique. I hear that you will be up and about after the operation much more quickly and feeling like your normal self before you know it. That means out and about for walks and meeting your friends again, so that must be a good thing.

The other new thing that I must share with all my dog friends is an improved vaccination against a nasty disease called Leptopsirosis. Every year some dogs die from this disease, and your people can catch it too. There is a new vaccine available now called “Lepto 4” which you should have when you come in for your annual vaccination and health check. If you are a grown up like me, you will need to have your annual booster  including the new Lepto 4 vaccine with a vet and then come back four weeks later for a free Lepto 4 top up injection which one of the nurses will do. If you are a puppy, we will start you from scratch on the new vaccination programme and you will get invited to come to one our puppy parties where the nurses will make a huge fuss of you and you will get to meet all the other youngsters. So if one of our vaccination reminders comes through your letterbox don’t chew it, make sure your people family can read it and ask about the new Lepto 4 vaccination.

Finally for this month, and for all my feline followers this news is for you too, the fixed price dental treatments where your teeth can have a special clean, polish and get any extractions needed done, were such a success we are going to make this a permanent feature. Tim my cat friend has been in for the treatment. He only had to visit for the day, and his breath now smells wonderful again. His teeth were cleaned, a wobbly one was taken out and he feels much happier eating again. The best bit is that your owners know exactly how much it is going to cost so they feel happy too. If you or any of the dogs or cats in your household have sore teeth and would benefit from a fixed price dental treatment ask your people to talk to the nurses or vets at either surgery, they will be happy to give you all the information and see if it is the right thing for your teeth.