February 2015- Love is in the air

Hello pet friends,

A belated Happy New Year……………

Sorry for my delay in catching up so far this year. Paddy and I have been really busy with our New Year diet and exercise regime. Nicky the nurse runs our weight management club for all overweight dogs and cats. If you think you might have put on a few extra pounds over the holidays season or you have a pet friend who is struggling to stay active because of extra weight, ask your humans to make you an appointment to come and see Nicky. She is happy to see cats and dogs of all shapes and sizes, and has loads of tips and advice for getting rid of the unhealthy extra pounds, and to get you fit for spring, for indoor cats as well.

Now, we might be approaching the season of romance with Valentine’s Day soon upon us, but cute as they are, unwanted litters of puppies and kittens are not necessarily the best thing, so my vet friends asked me to remind you that we offer fixed price operations for castration and spays depending on the weight of your dog and cat. For medium and large sized dogs the vets recommend laparoscopic (key hole) surgery. This is surgery using much smaller incisions and a tiny camera which goes inside so the vets can see what they are doing. Recovery times are much better, so you will be up and about on your feet again going for walks and meeting your friends much more quickly. If have heard your owners chatting about it probably being a good time to have “the” op, don’t worry, just ask them to talk to the vets or nurses here and make sure they can talk through the right option for you.

My brother Beetle, my good friend Slug, and I are all micro chipped. This means that if we get lost, or wander away from our humans a vet or RSPCA officer can scan the microchip in our neck and find out who we belong to, so we get home safely. In 2016 every one of our dog friends will have to be micro chipped by law and recorded on a database. After this date any dog found that is not micro chipped or registered risks being destroyed and none of us would want that to happen. Since April last year my vet dad Paddy and the other vets here have joined in with the campaign from Dogs Trust which means they have been giving away free microchips to any dog that didn’t already have one. This free scheme runs out at the end of March 2015. Now we know there are still a lot of dogs out there that are not micro chipped because they get brought in when they have wandered off from their families. The lovely nurses and ladies in the office here spend lots of time with the help of something strange called Facebook trying to re-unite pets with their people, and it is much more difficult when they are not chipped   So if you have any dog friends who do not already have the magic chip, please remind their owners that the law is going to change and suggest they make an appointment before the end of March so they can be chipped under the free scheme.

If you or your owners want any more information about anything in my blog please ask them to phone either surgery on 01280 812057/01908 567272 and any of  the staff will be happy to help.

Happy exercising,