April 2013 – Welcome to Nog’s Blog

A Tail of Two Surgeries

Hi I'm Noggin the Dog — but my friends call me Nog- and I supervise the goings-on at The Vet Centre in Old Stratford and Maids Moreton. I own a human called Paddy who thinks he is in charge of the place. Of course I let him go on believing that because it makes him so much better behaved and easier to train.

My best friend is Beetle the black spaniel and we spend our days at the surgeries “meeting and greeting” old friends and new when they bring in their humans. Often they just pop in for a worm tablet, some food , flea medication or maybe some advice from one of the vets or nurses to make sure that their humans are looking after them correctly.

I am really impressed by the new monthly pill for fleas. You just take one tablet a month — actually they taste pretty good - and that's the problem sorted. Of course I never get fleas but Beetle does. Unlike a spot-on these pills keep on working however often he goes swimming and has to be washed. Apparently they work in cats too and you can either give them as a pill or crush them (the pill that is……… not the cat) and mix them with the food.

What will they think of next? A spot on for fleas that is better than Frontline? I’ll let you know as soon as we have it.

That’s not the only new thing. We have a new Vet to replace Scottish Peter but I have to admit I miss him because he was always quite keen for me to take him for a walk at lunchtime. I’ll let you know how Kate shapes up next time- apparently she has to stay fit for her hockey.

It’s a dog’s life even in the best of times and the worst of times.