January 2014 – Happy New Year ……join my weight club


Hi to all my pet friends and blog followers. I hope you had a fun and healthy holiday season. In my family healthy living has become the watchword for 2014 and my nurse friends at the practice are starting a weight management club called Nog’s Mog & Dog Weight Club. It is for all dogs and cats like me, Beetle, Tim and Tonto. Any one can join. Slug probably doesn’t need to join as he is only a whipper snapper but he still needs to have an active healthy life style with a good diet to stay fit.

This month I am going to share with you a few of the tips the nurses have put together .

Get active………..

Take your owners out for a walk every day, at least once. Every time they look as though they are going out even to just post a letter ask to go with them. Going to the woods or the park is most fun, especially if there is space  for a jolly old game of fetch with a ball or toy but lead exercise on the pavement is good too – a great chance to check out all the interesting sights and smells of your manor.

Hide and seek in the house can be a fun way of keeping active when you can’t go out. Get your people to hide your toys or treats and you can find them. You might have to show them the best hiding places in your house first by borrowing something of theirs to hide, just nothing really important like the car keys!

There may even be an agility class nearby where you could go together and learn new skills. That is a great way of getting fit and keeping your mind active too.There are lots of classes about now.

Cats can join in the exercise games too. It may be less common to see cats out walking on a lead, but it is amazing what your owners can find these days and cat harnesses are available. Paddy likes to put Tim’s food in different places about the house so he has to use his hunting skills to find it. That keeps him on the move and entertained. I could tell him where Paddy has put his tea……. but where would be the fun in that?

Be careful what you eat………..

Getting fit and loosing weight is best done as a group activity that all the pets and people in the house join in with together. You may need to train your owners to start weighing your food so they know they are not feeding you too much and stick to regular mealtimes each day.

Get weighed and join our weight management club……

To get started on your healthy campaign for 2014 ask your owners to ring either surgery to find out more details about Nog’s Mog and Dog Weight Club. Sign up and join in!

Hope to see you in the surgery soon,