June 2014- Sunshine and holidays

Hello pet friends, 

In my house, the humans are on holiday, and are busy planning trips for later in the year. Fortunately, this week they have been staying at home and we have spent time together in the garden, but human holidays can be stressful for pets. These days we are allowed passports and can travel to Europe with our families, but this needs lots of planning, and sometimes we might be happier staying at special pet hotels, otherwise known as kennels or catteries. In our family Tim and Tonto the cats would hate the thought of travelling, and would much rather be in the pet hotel or staying at home with pet sitters coming to visit each day.

It is important your owners plan well in advance. If they are planning on taking you on a trip overseas you will need to have all of the things listed below:

  • Microchip
  • A rabies vaccination( you must have a microchip before the first vaccination or the vaccination won’t count). Your owners must leave 21 days from the date of the rabies vaccination before travelling.
  • A pet passport or official third country veterinary certificate
  • Tapeworm treatment (for dogs only)
  • You must be transported in an authorised carrier and an approved route

For detailed up to date information and explanations of the above conditions your owners should look at the web site:www.gov.uk/take-pet-abroad


If your owners are going abroad and not taking you, they are probably doing it with your best interests in mind (it might be too hot, too cold, or too stressful for you), so unless they have found some lovely pet sitters who you know to come and stay with you they will probably find you kennels or a cattery to stay at. Here are a few top tips from me to make sure they choose you a good one:

  • Find one with an environment you will be happy in with plenty of room for exercise and play
  • Send them on a visit. No visit allowed…….. Don’t go there.
  • Check your vaccinations are up to date. All VIP’s (very important pets) staying at pet hotels should be vaccinated
  • Check they will feed you when you are used to being fed, you are on holiday too and your routine is important!
  • You will probably want to take your own bed with you to make you feel at home.
  • Vets details….. make sure the staff know who usually looks after you when you are not well. Your local vet will know you best.

Whatever they decide if you are staying at home or going abroad, your owners should check the insurance cover they have for you covers the situation for the holiday

Finally for summer time … hot cars.

Owners must be aware of the dangers of leaving dogs in cars. Weather which might not seem unduly warm to humans- an average summers day where the temperature could be 22C/70F outside- on the inside of a car without ventilation could reach 32C/90F in ten minutes, which could very quickly become fatal to dogs and cats . My message to all our lovely clients and pet owners is please never leave us shut in vehicles, caravans or conservatories in the summer months even on cloudy days, we struggle more than you think. If you are concerned that your dog or cat may be suffering in the heat please contact one of our vets at either surgery straight away.

With plenty of good preparation and care we can all have happy holidays,