June 2015- The heat is on….

The heat is on…………………. Summer tips from Nog for all his pet followers and their owners

Well hello blog friends. I expect all the humans in your households have been moaning about the strange summer weather we have had so far, desperate for some sunshine and long spells of warm weather. Hopefully this is just around the corner because we all know that we like our human family to be happy. The warm sunny spells can cause different problems for pets though and so I am going to share my Nog tips so that your humans can keep you happy in the heat

  •  Take us for a walk in the morning or evening- never in the heat of the day
  • ·Never leave us in cars or conservatories we overheat really quickly and heat can be fatal
  • ·Dogs love a paddling pool to play in if you have room in your garden, or make us frozen ice treats to lick on really hot days
  • ·Cats can get sunburn! Tim loves to sunbathe but ear tips on light coloured, and especially white cats will burn and can lead to cancerous skin changes.  Humans please remember your cats’ ears when applying the sun cream. Check with our vets for further advice on this
  •  Small furry pets are especially prone to problems caused by excess heat as they cannot pant like Slug, Beetle and I can to cool down. They must not be left out in garden runs with no shade. Like me they will drink extra water in the heat preferably from a bowl not a bottle.
  • ·Flies are another summer hazard especially to rabbits who may get soiled bottoms. Flies will lay eggs here which hatch into maggots causing great distress. If there are rabbits in your families make sure their bottoms are checked twice a day in the summer and ring our lovely vets if you have any worries. There is a fly repellent available from our vets.
  •  Long grass……….. Now we all love a game of hide and seek in the long grass but at this time of year it can be hazardous. Grass seeds seem to get frequently trapped in our ears, noses and toes-es. They can be very painful and often will mean a trip to the surgery for our vets to carefully extract them. Many of you will know Cheryl one of our chatty receptionists, her terrier Fred had to have a grass seed removed from his ear last summer so it happens to the best of us.
  • ·Adders……….. the only venomous snakes that live in the UK they are often unseen.   In the summer when you are out enjoying a lovely long walk with your owners you may come across them sunbathing in sandy heathland, or woodland. They will bite in self-defence if disturbed, and can leave nasty puncture wounds which your humans may not easily spot. Adder bites are very painful and will leave you feeling quite unwell and probably a bit grumpy. You will need to see a vet quickly, as an untreated a snake bite can lead to serious problems.
  • ·Ticks……….. a real problem for dogs on the south coast and other woodland areas such as Thetford Forest, The New Forest and Scotland.  Lots of places where our humans like to holiday with us in the UK. They can be very uncomfortable and also spread disease.   Tablets and spot-on preparations are available to prevent tick infestations or they can also be removed with an OTom Tick remover.  Make sure you are properly prepared to deal with parasites this summer – our nurses know the best things to use. We are joining in with The Big Tick Project so if you are unfortunate enough to get one, see if your owners will bring you in the surgery where one of our wonderful nurses will remove your tick and send it off as part the national survey. Your tick could be famous!

As they say in the movies that’s all for now folks………. please remember if your owners have any concerns contact our nurses or vets at either surgery for advice or to make an appointment.

Happy summer, Nog