March 2014- Free microchips and vaccination reminders

Hi pet friends,

I expect you are all enjoying the better weather and less muddy walks! This month I want to tell you all about a new microchipping campaign we are helping Dogs Trust with; and to ask all dogs and cats out there to check with your owners whether your vaccinations are up to date- if not we have a plan!

Beetle, My little friend Slug, and my family friend Bosun the French Bulldog are all micro chipped. This means that if we get lost, or wander away from our humans a vet or RSPCA officer can scan the microchip in our neck and find out who we belong to, so we get home safely. In 2016 every one of our dog friends will have to be micro chipped by law and recorded on a database. After this date any dog found that is not micro chipped or registered risks being destroyed and none of us would want that to happen. My Dad Paddy and the other vets here have joined in with the campaign from Dogs Trust which means we can give free microchips to any dog that doesn’t already have one if their owners make an appointment and bring them into either surgery. So if you know any dogs that don’t have the magic chip tell their owners about the free scheme that runs for twelve months from 1st April.

Now, vaccinations……. None of us really like having them. My house cat friend Tim will run a mile when he sees the cat carrier come out from under the stairs because he knows it means a trip to the surgery. But I do understand that it is very important be brave and have the injections every year as it is much better than getting a nasty disease like Leptospirosis, Parvo Virus, Feline Leukemia or cat flu all of which would make us very poorly. All the vets and nurses at The Vet Centre are real believers in preventing us from becoming ill by coming into the surgery for our vaccinations and an annual health check.  They normally send your owners a reminder through the post. If you think you might have shredded that reminder when it came through the letterbox or have missed out on your injections in the past eighteen months ask your owners to ring the surgery and make you an appointment. Special prices are available to help you get back up to date.

Enjoy the spring and I will have more news from the dog house soon ,