March 2016- Cherries, ticks, eggs and chips

Hello everyone,

I have to say I am very happy with my new pied-a-terre at Cherry Lane. The underfloor heating is perfect for lying around and having a sleep on. My feeders and chief back scratchers, who also appear to work there, seem very happy with it too. They keep going on about the great new facilities – personally I just think it’s nice that my social life now extends into Saturday and Sunday as it is open all weekend for routine appointments. Remember to bring your £5 voucher if it’s your first visit to Cherry Lane and one of our receptionists will take it off your human’s bill.

Radio 4 is always soothing background noise when snoozing after my “morning constitutional”; they’re usually going on about some boring tax increase or other…. however, recently I was alarmed to hear about a new disease in this country called Babesiosis that had killed a fellow dog and caused a few others to be unwell. I borrowed one of David’s text books and learnt that Babesia is a parasite that is transmitted by ticks. So make sure your human protects you by getting the right treatments from us to kill and repel ticks. Our new text reminder system will make sure they don’t forget to use them.  Venetia has put a fact sheet for your humans to read elsewhere on my website. Currently the handfuls of cases were confined to Essex so be careful who you hang out with! Remember ticks can spread other diseases as well so if you, like me, enjoy running through long grass and undergrowth then that’s another good reason to have regular treatment.

Speaking of Essex girls ….congratulations to  Vet Jennifer on  winning a race on her horse Mazuri Cowboy at the Mid Surrey Farmers Point to Point. She has other horses running over the next few weeks so I will make sure my humans post updates on our Facebook page. Our vets have set up a new pet health scheme with help from Denplan. Basically it means your humans can spread the cost and save money on all our preventative health care needs (vaccines, wormers and importantly tick prevention). Have a look at the website, pick up a leaflet or ask one of my workers to find out more about it.

Despite Easter eggs tasting so good, they are, unfortunately, poisonous to us dogs and to be honest terrible for the waist line too! If, however, you can’t resist we are open at the Cherry Lane branch everyday over Easter apart from the Sunday (see below for consulting times). Of course we are always available 24/7 for any emergencies for registered clients.

Friday                    9:30- 11:30 and 2:30-4:00

Saturday               9:30- 11:30 and 2:30- 4:00

Sunday                 Emergencies only

Monday               9:30- 11:30 and 2:30- 4:00

Finally, a new law is coming in on 6th April (any Radio 4 informed dog will already know) that all dogs have to be microchipped. I had a little word with Paddy (my pet human) and he has agreed to microchip animals for free up until 6th April. Please ring and book an appointment with one of the nurses soon so you don’t risk getting caught out by the long arm of the law.

Have a happy Easter from Nog, Slug, Beetle and the gang