November 2013 – or should that be Movember

Happy Movember to all my blog followers

I hope you like my Movember face! November is not just about men. Male dogs get prostate disease too so November is also National Canine Prostate Awareness month.

My Border Terrier trainee Slug has recently been castrated, a simple operation and he is now fighting fit and back at puppy training classes. However over 80% of entire male dogs over the age of five suffer from prostate disorders. So my lovely vet colleagues thought we should all join in with the campaign highlighting awareness about National Canine Prostate Awareness Month. If you have a non-castrated older male dog, you should get his prostate checked out. He may show no symptoms but your faithful old friend could be in pain. I am going to get my vet Paddy to check my prostate out, but on second thoughts I might ask our lovely lady vet Kate to do it instead.

We are asking our facebook followers to post pictures of their pets with Movember faces onto our facebook page to show support for Canine Prostate Awareness. Post your Movember face today!

November is also pet diabetes month.

Tim the cat and Beetle my spaniel housemates are both a bit longer in the tooth than me and that means they are more at risk of developing diabetes. My vet Paddy keeps an eye on how much they are drinking, and going outside to answer the call of nature. Being excessively thirsty is one of the first signs, along with losing weight, that our older pet friends may be suffering from diabetes. Help is at hand though. Throughout pet diabetes month our lovely nurses will give cats and dogs a free diabetes health check. It’s all very treatable with a good diet and the right care from your vets. Ask for an appointment with one of our nurses at Maids Moreton or Old Stratford for the older cats and dogs in your family.

Some of your pet owners may have received our first practice newsletter by email. If your owners didn’t and they would like to get the next one, ask them to sign up on the website to be included in all the news and offers from The Vet Centre team.

I will be back in touch with my Christmas blog in mid-December, with news on do’s and don’ts to keep you all healthy through the festive season, and an invitation to join my New Year pet diet club for those of us who may over- indulge! Have fun pet friends and hope to see you soon,