October 2013 – Slug, teeth and facebook

Hi pet friends, Noggin here again.           

I like to keep you all up to date with news and events from the surgeries. My housemates Beetle and Tim the cat had terrible bad breath and both had to have their teeth cleaned last week. Bad breath is the first sign of dental disease which can cause problems for us dogs and our feline friends. A visit to the practice for a clean and scale of your teeth where the lovely vets and nurses can have a good look around and check for any problems is a really good idea. Throughout November there is a special fixed price deal which will save your caring owners money and make you all feel much better. Ask them to phone the practice and book you an appointment. Beetle and Tim both feel great now!

My new young friend Slug is settling in as part of the practice animal team. He has recently moved to a new house in Stony Stratford with his Vet mum Kate so you may see him out and about getting to know the best places for a walk. You can also come and meet him in the practice at Old Stratford where he is learning the ropes.

Tell your people owners to look at our new facebook page to see pictures and updates on practice news, interesting cases, pets that have lost their owners and details of any special offers.  Check out the picture of my trainee Slug.

One of our nurses Nicky has let her cat Jax get too fat and she is going to start a weight management club for all of us who might have overindulged a little. Jax is going to be the first member of Nog’s Mog and Dog Weight club which will start in January. I will remind you all when I do my Christmas blog to come to the surgery and sign up, so keep an eye out for updates.

Finally, pet friends; don’t forget the fireworks season is very nearly here which can be a very scary time for us. Ask your owners to talk to one of the vets or nurses, they will be able to suggest solutions to make you feel better, so you won’t need to worry about the fireworks and your people friends can enjoy them without worrying about you!