October 2017 – Firework season top-tips

Hello chums, Nog here…

Corr, what a few months it’s been!  After a much needed vacation I am happy to announce that Nog’s Blog is back in action (hoorah) and just in the nick of time with firework season approaching.

Firework season is a scary time for us animal pals but don’t worry, over the years I’ve acquired some top notch ways of coping with those pesky fireworks.

Nog’s top tips:

  1. Safe haven – provide those scared with a safe place to curl up – ideally in an inside room with soft furnishings which is as dark, comfortable and quiet as possible.  I like to be introduced to the den a few days before the fireworks begin, just so I can really get comfy.
  2. Distraction – give your animal pal a toy/ puzzle feeder or game – my favourite!  My pal Bosun often likes it when there’s the radio or TV playing in the background (that way he can pretend he’s brave like me).
  3. Company – oh I do love some company during the fireworks. Don’t go overboard on the cuddles though, no-one likes being smothered.
  4. Walkies – My pals and I always prefer to be walked before dusk when those pesky fireworks start, otherwise there might be a dog/cat on the loose and no-one wants that.  Just in case, be sure to check your animal pals are microchipped!

If these simple tricks don’t work, I can recommend some products that my vet friends can give you at Maids Moreton or Cherry Lane:

  • Calmex tablets – these help with the noise and unusual situations.
  • Zylekene tablets – these natural products are derived from milk protein (or so my human Paddy tells me) which helps us cope when facing unusual or unpredictable situations.
  • Adaptil/ feliway diffusers, sprays and collars – these can be put in the den area to produce a calming effect.

There’s even a new drug that my pal Bosun swears by – he says it’s a gel that his human put’s on his gums a few hours before the fireworks which really calms him down.  I’m not quite sure of the name though, you’ll have to ask my vet friends about that one.

Anyway, that’s enough of my ramblings. It’s time to go and signal to my vet friends that I’m ready for my dinner.

I will be in touch soon, your friend Nog