September 2015- Autumn is upon us with new faces

Well hello pet friends,

I started my last blog by saying that I thought all the humans in your households were waiting and hoping for some proper summer weather……………. Well it didn’t really happen did it?……. What a strange mix of wet and mild summer weather it has been. The good news is that it wasn’t too troublesome for animals getting overheated, but the bad news is that is has been perfect conditions for those pesky fleas and ticks to flourish.

My vet Dad Paddy has seen lots of cases of cats and dogs with fleas recently, and now it is getting cooler and your folks are probably putting the heating on for you in the house. If you are unlucky enough to have acquired a few new unwanted friends the lovely warm house will only make things worse!

 It is not our fault we attract these unwanted house guests but our humans really don’t like it, so it is really important that your owners talk to our vets or nurses because they can advise on the best way to eliminate the little critters and to prevent future infestations. You can use “spot on” preparations or  tablets depending on whether you are an active outdoor sociable kind of a guy like me, or a mostly indoor companion like my friend Tim the cat.

Ticks will be picked up having fun out and about in the damp woodland undergrowth.  Some can make you feel quite poorly though and should be prevented by your human using a spot-on or tablet  to prevent you getting them or they can be removed using an O-Tom tick remover. Our vets or nurses will be happy to show your humans how to do this. Whilst having a tick is not a good thing, it does mean you can take part in the BIG TICK PROJECT. There is a national study being carried out in conjunction with the clever people at Bristol University to try and build a pattern of where ticks are nationwide, and what type they are. If your owners find a tick and one of my lovely nurses removes it they will send it off to take part in the study and you will be helping pets in the future.

Finally I have to introduce you to two new members of the team at The Vet Centre. Some of you may have already met vet student Anna here in the holidays in recent years. Well, because she is a very clever lady, she is now a fully qualified Vet, having passed her exams with Distinction and is working with us full time. Beth is just starting her studies on the way to becoming a Veterinary Nurse, having spent some time with us previously doing work experience. Beth will be in the practice three days a week working as a veterinary care assistant. They are both lovely smiley people so I hope you enjoy meeting them when you see them in the practice. All the staff at the Vet Centre wish them much success in their future careers.

I will be back in touch in October as the fire work season approaches with a reminder of the things to ask your humans to do to minimise the stress for the animals in the household.

Your friend, Nog.